Maritime Services, Consulting & Trade Ltd

ARCHIMEDIZ directs your projects, products and services to a new market horizon

 Providing Consultancy to   Specialized Technology Sectors   by creating International   Business to Business Solutions

 ESI Eurosilo / Turkey & Italy

 ARCHIMEDIZ exclusively represents ESI Eurosilo BV for Turkey and Italy.  Our staff has a long   standing  businees  relation with ESI and clients for the respective  countries.  We stimulate   early involvement with prospective clients to assist them in design and investment decisions   from the start.  Typical  clients  we  find  mainly in power plant  sector as well as  chemical   industries and agriculture sector.

 B2B Consultancy

 ARCHIMEDIZ through its International staff with business experience, active presence and   business network in Turkey, Italy and the Netherlands has the knowledge to bring parties   together to start working on common business goals. 

 Maritime Services

 ARCHIMEDIZ selects and sources  marine  auxillary  equipment to support  your marine and   dredging  projects. We provide dredging consultancy based on extensive experience and with   the  support of consolidated  partnerships in this highly specialized sector.  We assist public   and private clients in fine-tuning of technical and commercial aspects of dredging projects.